MacArthur Park is located in the city of Little Rock on a 36-acre piece of land at Ninth Street and McAlmont Street just west of Interstate thirty and opposite St. Edwards Catholic Church. The Park was the first Municipal Park to be established in Little Rock and was initially designated as City Park. Being home to the MacArthur Museum of Arkansas Military History and the Arkansas Arts Center, the Park plays a vital role in preserving the history and culture of the city of Little Rock and the State of Arkansas. The Park and the area around it have been designated the MacArthur Park Historic District. In addition to being a historical center, the Park doubles up as a recreational center for Little Rock residents and guests in the town.

The Park is named after General Douglas MacArthur. General Douglas MacArthur was born in Little Rock Arsenal on 26th January 1880 during a very transitional period. He was brought up in a military household and graduated at the top of his class West Texas Military Academy. He then became the first-ever captain at the U.S. Military Academy at West Point, where he also graduated at the top of his class in 1903. During his military service, General Douglas MacArthur rose to the rank of 5-star general. In the 1930s, General Douglas MacArthur was the Chief of Staff of the U.S. Army, and in World War 2, he performed an essential role in the Pacific Theater. He also served in World War 1, the Mexican Revolution, the Korean War, and the Philippines Campaign as Field Marshal for which he earned the Medal of Honor for his distinguished service.